Looking For Studio Space?

In order to make Skill Share a more sustainable organisation we are looking into offering personal artist/designers/crafters studio spaces for a modest studio membership fee that will go on to fund our community classes keeping them free and available to all.

Would anyone be interested in studio spaces? What sort of size/facilities would people be looking for?

Please email skillsharedundee@gmail.com with studio enquires


What’s on offer so far:

Initially our plan is to set up three/four studio spaces around December/January as a prototype, if there is a larger demand then we will go onto develop a wide array of affordable personal studio spaces

Swan House Community Hub

Connected with public transport and our Free Skill Share mini bus along with free car parking

Facilities on offer:
Studio spaces with all amenities including lighting, heating, toilets, meeting rooms, car parking, unlimited access to Skill Share tools and equipment, shared canteen facilities and contact with other organisations who share the building such as The Mens Shed.

There is the opportunity to develop craft fairs within the centre as well as in the large car park facilities as well as gallery space.

These facilities would be covered by our modest studio membership fee paid monthly





Workshop Construction Begins: Monday 13th October..help needed

Hi everyone, we are going to start constructing and organising the new Skill Share workshop on Monday the 13th of October from 10am at Swan House, 2 Explorer Road Dundee Technology Park Dundee DD2 1DX. Let us know on facebook or via a text to 07450252039 if you might be able to help (this mobile will be available to call on Monday if you have trouble finding us) if you are taking the bus its the number 17 from town.

We need help:
-sorting and organising materials such as textiles and other craft materials
-constructing wood frames and stud walls
-setting up our shared computers
-help moving tables and chairs

if you have a nail gun, drill, screws, nails that you could help build with or any old tables, chairs, windows, doors, hinges, storage boxes that you could donate that would be great.

Hammer time…able to help?


We are now in the process of putting together and decorating our new workshop at swan house, we need lots of help to make our new workshop better than ever. If your able to swing a hammer, grab a paint brush, got materials you would like to donate or able to to help in any way then give us a text on 07450252039 or email us at skillsharedundee@gmail.com

New Skill Share workshop soon to be open….


Our new Skill Share workshop is soon to be open… you can find us at: Swan House 2 Explorer Road Dundee Technology Park Dundee DD2  1DX

BBC’s WW1 Leather Craft Workshop 1st & 2nd of August

Come along this week to Skill Share’s leather craft workshop organised by the BBC to discover how important leather craft was during ww1 as well as having to opportunity to make your own custom leather craft object using embossing tools.

ww1 dog tag stamped leather

The workshop will take place on Friday the 1st of August 10am -5pm and Saturday the 2nd 10am -5pm at the Caird Hall in Dundee’s City Square.

BBC_WW1 at Home Dundee Flyer ART

Solar Powered Eco Cabin and growing patches available


Our community allotments are coming on leaps and bounds thanks to all our volunteers help. This week Benny and Peter have set up home made solar panels that can power an off the grid system for lighting, drills and sound systems. As well as a lovely poly tunnel which can be seen in the background.

We are in the process of setting up individual growing patches for the community within one of our community allotments if your are interested come along on Sunday the 4th of August at 11am, meet at the steps next to Kinghorne Road/Law Crescent and phone us on 07450252039 if you can’t find us or are late.

The small patch can be used to grow food for yourself or you can donate it to our community food donation scheme known as Scheme Market which aids to provide healthy produce to our community especially children within Dundee. Scheme Market is in partnership with Soul Garden and Funky Design.


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