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Skill Share Dundee is a community-led project helping to inspire, empower and connect members of the student and residential community by sharing practical skills and crafts. Skill Share Dundee aims to bring generations together, maintain skills and crafts that might otherwise be lost and reduce waste through reuse and repair.

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Skill Share Dundee aim to provide a fun and sociable way of fostering a more sustainable and self-sufficient way of living, particularly through the teaching of old and forgotten crafts and skills. In partnership with other local environmental and skills-based groups and local social enterprises. We are bringing together people from across Dundee in exciting new projects, sharing knowledge and skills, at the same time as cutting carbon emissions, reducing costs and promoting healthier lifestyles. We provide a relaxed environment for a variety of community members to meet, interact and learn new skills. Skill Share Dundee welcomes people from all walks of life and participants range from age 3 to 93.


Community Cohesion
At the heart of Skill Share Dundee is our community, we strive to meet our communities needs first and foremost. We believe for a healthy community to thrive that we all need to collaborate, support and value everyone for the skills they have to share.
Intergenerational knowledge sharing is important not only to keep our traditional ways of life alive but also to bring a greater respect for people of all ages within our community.
Who We Are
The project comprises of  2 part time facilitators & a diverse group of volunteers.
Project Coordinator Lauren Herd & Lead Craft Facilitator Gloria Currie. 
Skill Share Dundee features a variety of part-time facilitators who have deliver a fantastic range of creative skills for people to get involved in.
(Left – right)
Woodwork – Anthony
Metalwork -Jimmy
Bicycle Repair – Bobby
Textiles – Bella & Rose
Electrical Engineering – Benny
Healthy Cooking – Claire
Thanks to previous Scottish Government funding, Skill Share Dundee has been able to offer a wide range of free workshops to all members of the Dundee community. The numerous workshops available include bicycle repair, woodwork, blacksmithing, solar panels, leather work, wood turning, grow your own, knitting, crocheting and various needlework skills.
Our current focus is on running pop up Crafternoon’s, using making as a way of enabling people to make new friends & to seek advice on current maker projects. During these sessions you can bring a project your currently working on or start a new one with the materials on hand. 
 These pop up Crafternoon’s will be based all over Dundee to enable maximum accessibility to all. These spaces currently include: Skill Share HQ, Swan House based in Dundee’s Technology Park, The Maxwell Centre, The Central Library & a variety of other community centres.
ant and amanda
Over the last few years a number of collaborations have been formed with a host of organisations around Dundee including craft workshops with Dundee Healthy Living Initiative in Lochee, bike repair workshops at Menzieshill High School & Halloween textiles with Tayside Deaf Hub to name but a few.
Volunteering Opportunities
Skill Share Dundee are always looking for volunteers to get involved in workshops and help with the running of the organisation. We feel that everybody has skills and talents which we aim to bring out and share with others, empowering and building confidence within the community.

Skill Share Dundee has been commended by Stewart Stevenson, Scottish Government’s Minister for Environment and Climate Change who said he was “proud of Skill Share Dundee for setting a strong example to encourage and inspire others to take action.”

Skill Share Dundee is a Scottish Government CCF funded project
Climate Challenge Fund – Round 10

Skill Share Dundee has utilised the electricity provider LOCO2 which has set the workshop up with 100% renewable energy. This means that the workshop is running on 100% renewable technologies including wind, hydro and solar.

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    Does Bella do classes in patch work?

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